Saturday, November 20, 2010

the business of pleasure

ever thought of asking for payment after sex? or maybe negotiate on the payment before sex? no, i'm not citing a transaction between a whore and a customer. not the typical business transaction between two individuals engaging in the business of pleasure. what i'm saying is merely a suggestion on how to inject spice into your sex lives.

give it a thought. play the role of a dirty whore, when you know 'somehow' you're being paid for your service, you'll assume the role of the temptress, the sex goddess (perhaps you could 'charge' RM10,000 per night) and deliver the kind of 'service' a high class escort of RM10,000/night will deliver. the control, the confidence, the power over the man paying you.. the eagerness. of course, it's a make-believe confidence and make-believe role-play. but, if you allow yourself to let loose and immerse fully into the role that you are playing, you'll be in for surprises.. minx aren't born, they are made.

it's not hard to spice up mundane sex lives, really. just takes a little bit of imagination, a little enthusiasm, a little adventure and a very hungry mind.

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